Juha began as a hip hop crew in Hawaii with a Middle Eastern twist, and is now a sonic stewpot  based in London; for a band that slides across geography and genre, "Every Step You Take Is A Migration" is a fitting title for a song.

"Right now, a few small clusters of people in power positions tell us where we can and cannot walk," says Juha frontman Collin Clay Chace. "Whether we are refugees, immigrating, or just going for a wander beyond our neighborhood, we are dependent on the permission of governments to move freely across the earth.  They demand we get their stamp of approval to cross through a border check.  But before the invention of nations, the land was everybody's, and that's what 'Migration' is about.  I also wanted an passionate call to welcome refugees, an anthem for protest marches, and party music for the post-Brexit/post-Presidential election blues."

The Emma Louise O'Brien-directed music video brings to the green screen protest footage from around the globe mixed with archival footage from civil rights marches past, while guest artists and activists from Jamaica, Nigeria, the Middle East, the Phillipines, and beyond proclaim their message to the world.  "It's 'Groove Is In The Heart' with picket signs!" Chace says. 


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In 2002, Juha's Polari album – fusing elements of Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, and punk music over a hip hop back-drop - gained a cult following as it scampered to #1 on the Outvoice chart, eventually receiving the Album of the Year award.  Following that with The Grooms of God and Stomach EP, frontman Collin Clay Chace was chosen as one of the “8 Rappers Worth Your Headphones” by Colorlines Magazine. 

The "Bloodstains and a Crow" single addresses the epidemic of youth suicides, and "Be My Husband" is a rewrite of the Nina Simone classic for the age of marriage equality.  Live, Juha is as at home in small charity basement gigs as on large festival stages, and the goal of every show? "To have each audience member leave feeling more in love with themselves than when they came in."