What a gift! Juha is brilliant. Juha is genius. Juha is a necessary voice.”

- Marc Almond


JUHA began as a hip hop crew in Hawaii and is now a sonic stewpot of alternative pop music based in London... or, “The sound of Prince and Manu Chao kissing” as frontman Collin Clay Chace describes it. “Every Step You Take Is A Migration” is the Juha anthem, and it embodies their musical vision of a world without borders. The mission of every Juha gig is that when you leave you’re even more in Love with yourself than when you came in.


Collin Clay Chace: Vocals
Jane Hall: Keyboards and beats

Fernando Lopez: Guitar


Juha's Polari album - fusing elements of Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, and punk music over a hip hop back-drop - gained a cult following as it scampered to #1 on the Outvoice chart, eventually receiving the Outvoice Album of the Year

award. Following that, Juha releases have covered a wide range of topical territory including mental health (“Bloodstains and a Crow,” chosen by Marc Almond for his Spotify playlist), LGBT rights (“Be My Husband,” a cover of the Nina Simone classic re-written for the age of marriage equality), and - with “Every Step You Take Is A Migration” as a single - the refugee crisis.

Juha has played at venues and festivals including: Citadel; the Cowley Club; Funk the Borders; the Royal Vauxhall Tavern; Water Rats; and Vegstock, the first vegan music festival in the UK. With the upcoming album ‘The Borders Of The Mind,’ Juha aims to make an ongoing migration across the globe.



www.JuhaMusic.com www.soundcloud.com/juhamusic




“Every Step You Take Is A Migration” is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital outlets.